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About Trees

It’s easy to think that trees are among the few great things in life that are free. They increase our property values, provide shade, give us autumn scenery and help create the air we breathe. But sometimes there may be a price. To keep your trees healthy or to get rid of dying ones, you may want the benefit of professional advice, skill and labor. That is especially important as winter approaches. Falling tree limbs can cause great damage to your home.


*Discolored leaves and thinning in the tree’s crown

*Roots pulled loose from the ground and fungal growth on roots and main trunk;

*Dead and fallen branches more than two inches in diameter;

*Deep vertical cracks on opposite sides of the main trunk;

*Sawdust on the trunk from wood-boring insects;

*A trunk that noticeably leans in one direction and a branch canopy that is not roughly balanced

*And other unusual deformations and deposits on leaves, limbs or bark

What to Do?



What to look for that might indicate a Troubled Tree